July 21, 2018
Poopy's Pub & Grub
1030 Viaduct rd, Savanna, IL 61074
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Lifelong fans of the infamous Motley Crue. As the time has come For the Crue to retire, so too has the time come for this Crue to continue the party, bringing the sound and atmosphere of a Motley Crue event to the local level. You may well never again see Motley Crue live, but with the four guys and their incredible backup singers the nastier habits you'll be able to experience a highly energized and exciting event! 
Booking contact:
John Bradford Email: Suncoastjb@aol.com Phone: 352.361.1641 ~ Al Spohn Email: Suncoastbooking@aol.com Phone: 727-237-7971 Fax: 888-727-1698 (toll free fax)
Quinton Coontz  Email - suncoastoh@hotmail.com Phone: 330-730-1615
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The Wreking Crüe 
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The Wreking Crüe 
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